Книга: With Heart Divided (Volume 1) | Donna Swanson | ISBN: 1475094256 - BazarKnig.ru
Книга: With Heart Divided (Volume 1) | Donna Swanson | ISBN: 1475094256 - BazarKnig.ru

With Heart Divided (Volume 1)

Автор: Donna Swanson
ISBN: 1475094256
Год издания: 2012
Количество страниц: 136
О произведении:
As adults, when we are hurt or defeated, life goes on somehow. We get up, brush ourselves off and continue with out lives. But how do children pick up their lives and feel safe again? How can they trust God if their own family can't keep them safe? What do we say to a family scarred by incest? Is there hope? Can anything good come from such evil? Do these actions and choices repeat themselves through the family or can they be stopped? How do our choices affect the outcome of our lives? Can a godly grandmother who is a prayer warrior really affect the lives of her grandchildren? What can happen when two parents love God and try their best to raise a large, Christian family, not knowing devastating acts are being committed in secret? WITH HEART DIVIDED addresses these questions. It's a fascinating look into the lives of a large farm family growing up in America's heartland in the 1940's. You meet a little girl, Molly, who is harboring a dark secret that she must keep hidden until after she is married and raising her own family. Is her memory loss God's way of helping her cope with the trauma? Have you lost all hope of having anything good happen to you no matter how hard you try or how many self-help books you read? Do you harbor dark secrets that only God and you know about and feel you dare not share them? If you have ever been wounded to the point where you turn your back on God; feeling He has turned away, or even betrayed you, then you will feel a connection to the lives in this true story. Or maybe you are serving people who are trying to cope with incest. Do you see the pain but don't know what to say or do for him or her? Do you want to ask more questions about the trauma but don't want to offend? Please come and meet Molly (Donna Swanson) and let her story bathe your soul with hope that God is real, that He certainly loves us and will not leave us even when our world seems to fall apart.

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