Книга: The School Counselor?s Book of Lists | Dorothy J. Blum Ed.D. | ISBN: 9780470450659 - BazarKnig.ru
Книга: The School Counselor?s Book of Lists | Dorothy J. Blum Ed.D. | ISBN: 9780470450659 - BazarKnig.ru

The School Counselor?s Book of Lists

ISBN: 9780470450659
Год издания: 2010
Количество страниц: 402
О произведении:
Since its first publication in 1997, The School Counselor?s Book of Lists has become the go–to reference for savvy school counselors. This second edition of the classic resource offers a wealth of timely and much–needed information, written in concise and user–friendly language.

A quick, easy guide for finding information on almost any topic pertinent to school counselors, the book covers everything from writing student assessments and dealing with school crises to setting budgets and running effective meetings. In the past decade the role of school counselors has changed significantly; this thoroughly revised and updated edition contains information that reflects those changes, and includes:

  • A section on the ASCA National Model with lists referring to each element and theme of the Model

  • An expansion of references and resources in each section, including Internet resources for easy reader access

  • A range of new topics, such as working with students who self–injure and working with students whose parents have been deployed

  • Integration of material on common topics or themes for easy reference and use

  • An emphasis on data collection and results reporting as a critical role for school counselors and as a powerful tool that shows the impact of school counseling programs and services on student success

The School Counselor?s Book of Lists is packed with useful tools and resources to help counselors implement comprehensive and effective school counseling programs.

Praise for The School Counselor?s Book of Lists

"The School Counselor?s Book of Lists is an invaluable resource containing a wealth of knowledge about every topic pertinent to the school counseling profession. It is a one–stop shop and a must–have for every school counselor?s library."
—Julia V. Taylor, high school counselor, Wake County Public Schools, Raleigh, North Carolina

"The School Counselor?s Book of Lists sits on my desk and is a crucial resource for sustaining the school counselor program mission—eliminating student barriers to academic success and ensuring all students are prepared to pursue post–secondary options."
—Mark H. Kuranz, adjunct professor, Marquette University; past president of the American School Counselor Association

"This is a must–have resource for prospective and practicing school counselors. Grounded in theoretical constructs and evidence based models, it provides practical strategies to implement equitable services for all students at any level. Individuals committed to data–driven comprehensive school counseling programs will find the resources an enhancement to academic, career, and personal/social counseling services."
—Anita Young, assistant professor, Johns Hopkins University

  • Practical tips on everything from student assessments and running meetings to setting budgets and handling school crises

  • Aligned with The ASCA National Model: A Framework for School Counseling Programs

  • Concise, comprehensive, and user–friendly

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